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Come on. I’ll drive you home. Are you all right? Is that yours? Yes. Are you all right? Yes. Fine. Anja Games Thanks. My football pendant You go, we’ll look for it for you. OK, thanks. She was the one who started it. Go and lie down or something. Now shake hands. I’ve got all day. Shake hands with Anja, I said. Wait here. I’ll get you for this. Whatever. I mean it. You’re dead You’re so stupid. You’re sick in the head What are you then? You look like a deadbeat. You are a deadbeat. You’re ugly. Ugly as sin. You look like a dork. And you are a dork. You bastard. Anja Come here I’m so sorry for this. Thanks for driving her home. Anja Games I don’t know what to say. There must be a better answer than beating each other up. Let me have a look. OK, we’re off to the doctor. No Games Yes, to A&E. Get some tissues. Lean your head back. They asked if I bruise easily and get lots of nosebleeds. Then they did lots of tests and stuck a syringe this big in me. Were you scared, Lisa? What if we don’t get into the same school? We’ll never see each other. That won’t happen, I promise. We’re best friends and always will be. Right? Come on, Lisa. Cool kids don’t cry. Says you, who gets all weepy for nothing. You hit Anja so hard she had to go to the doctor yesterday. Hi. Hi. Did you find my pendant? OK. Hey Games Here. Here. Do you have a pen I can borrow? Sure. I think you’re cute. What do you think of me? And two hearts What’s this? Something Lars gave me. He wants to go out with you, I’m sure of it. You like him, right? Of course. We’re friends. But do you like him? Maybe. Then you’re together. I don’t know why you obsess so much over boyfriends. Boyfriends give you presents and protect you. Is Lars going to protect me? Against what? Against idiots like Jonas. Little Lars protect me against Jonas? I don’t need a boyfriend. Do you think I could become a model when I grow up? I think I’d be good on the catwalk. Hello Listen, guys. Hans and I Games Games are going to get married? No, no, much better than that. We’re going to coach the class team. But you hate football. Far from it.