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 To thrive, we need to organize locally, nationally, and globally to expose and stop this practice immediately. Please quit free-riding on our future. But do what you can do. And I think that’s really the answer for all of us, is recognize that there is a network more powerful than the Internet. It’s the human race. We are connected in a way that’s quite powerful. The fact is, acting on what we know to be right and true, doing something about what we care about that we can do. Please tell everyone you know about this. Bring this message to community meetings, demonstrations, and other public events. The work we’re doing will provide cover for others to come out. And I’m most interested in whistleblowers. Send this film to environmental farm groups, media groups, A.D.D., Alzheimer’s, asthma groups, and other organizations that would do something if they only knew. Because we deserve– deserve a future. And if you control the weather, you gonna control the planet. It’s that simple. Some people address this issue in fear.