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Strike Force Heroes 2-2 I didn’t think anybody lived out here. Some people do. MAN: Eli! What you doin’ over there? Nothin’. Where’d you get that apple? Off the tree. That ain’t your tree and that ain’t your apple. He can have an apple. We got plenty. I catch you with an apple, boy, you better bring a branch, too. Who’s this? This is Jesse. Can I pet him? He’s friendly. Hey, Bud. Hiya, buddy. WOMAN: Hi, Waylon. Ida! Long time. You look well. LAUGHTER All right. Let us pray. Heavenly father, bless us, as we trust not in the works of man, but only in your divine providence. Lead us not into sin and let us not stray into the darkness which surrounds us. For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours forever and ever. Amen. SIGHING Do you know who used to live here? No. Didn’t take too good a care of it. We’ll fix it up nice. Why’d he ever sell off all those hogs? I don’t know. Guess they cost more than they made. Guess they run out of money. Do you know what he’s gonna do with all the buildings? Let ’em sit, I reckon. Don’t go nosing in there. It’s dangerous. Somebody make dinner? There’s no water. Did you ask Waylon about it? He don’t want me talkin’ to Waylon. Why not? Ask him. Aah! You come back here! RUSTLING Uhh! BARKS You scared the shit out of me, boy. Come on. DOG WHIMPERING Come on, boy. Come on, come on. COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING CLATTER WAYLON: A bull in a China shop. I game I’m sorry. What are you doin’ in here? I was using the bathroom. In my office? No, in the bathroom. I’m really sorry about this. No harm. Where’d you get all these? From the farm. I’ve been digging them up since I was a kid. They’re still sharp. You want it? No. Take it. Really? Where you been? Bathroom. What’s that? Waylon gave it to me. You look like a damn girl. Come on, help me with this. SQUAWKS HONKING HORN Who are you? Let me see Waylon. I asked you who you are. Hey, Bud. Thank you, Bud. Hey, Waylon. How’s the pig business? You mind if we talk in private? This shit worth anything? To me. You know what’s worth something to me? Money. Then it’s a good thing you got so much.