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Oh, ! Man, check this out. . Yo! I don’t know if we’re just allowed to be walking through here, bro. This has gotta be private property. Boobie, stop being a bitch. Damn, bro, this is weird! Alright, let’s go, pussies. What you got, c? Uh! Whoo! Whoo! c, bro! Cisco’s killin’ ’em on the in’ low. This is suicide. Hey, you wanna get sponsored, right? Cisco, bro! I’m rolling! Cisco, you’re insane, bro! Good! Guys, I totally got that – oh, ! Cops! Cops! Hey! Hey! Hey, don’t-don’t move! Hey! Stop, stop, stop, stop! Get off me! Hey! What the ? Yo, is that Brent? Yeah. Thought he dropped out. What you want my real name for? Just call me Patty cake. We gotta make some money. Well, you can help Hassan with a better car. Man, Hassan. You got a better idea? There’s gotta be something, you know. You can get a job at McDonald’s. But you can’t get no bitches smelling like French fries. Hmm, pull some fat bitches. I know where the cafeteria is. I can walk me. Yo! Hey, what’s up? Thank you. Yo, his mom’s gonna be so pissed at you. That ain’t my fault. What’s going on, bro? Yo.. It’s good, bro. They didn’t confiscate that ? Guys, they didn’t even frisk me. But they gave me a big ass ticket though. My mom’s gonna be pissed. She’s a fine ass. Dawg, that’s my mom. Yo, a list of all the skate comps this summer. Yeah, I mean, it’s only a couple of ’em. Of course, we’re in Cleveland. So what we’re in Cleveland? We show up and get buck like we always do. Still gotta pay those entry fees. Decks. Trucks. That ain’t free. Hi, welcome to McDonald’s. Uh, can I take you order? Oh, ! No, no, no! No! Oh! Boys! Yo, don’t get none in my apple sauce. Boys! Settle down! We’re good. Bitches.. Little bitches. You best get out of the way. Get out of the way! You want to die? Hey, get out of the way. You wanna play, motherers. You wanna play? You trying to with me? You tryin’ to with me. Let’s go, bro. Let’s go!, man! That is the last time I’m doin’ this , bro. We almost died back there. Yeah, but you didn’t. It doesn’t matter, bro. I could have.