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 Strip The Difference And the zebra know it. but this cheetah is different. He doesn’t hunt alone. He’s joined forces with not just , but his  brothers. As fast as ever, and now  times as strong. They’re turning their sights on much bigger prey. distant zebra crying An ostrich knows a lone cheetah is too small and weak to worry about. but these brothers have changed the rules. dramatic music ostrich squawking The female is slow to react and the cheetahs switch target. Games  groaning cheetahs panting These brothers have figured out how successful a team can be. Strange circular scars on the sea floor are the mark of a spectacularly successful team. Cunning, coordinated and creative. These dolphins have worked out that fish out of water are much easier to catch. puffing by beating her tail down hard, this bottlenose dolphin stirs up the seabed. And by swimming in a circle, she creates a ring of mushrooming mud around a shoal of fish. A fishing net made of mud. As the net pulls tighter and tighter, the fish are trapped, till there’s only one way out straight into the mouths of the waiting Strip The Difference.