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Pour the water out so we can get the nightingale drunk. Up to the top. The padrone wants us to keep dancing. He’s giving us orders even after he’s dead. Music! Ah, ifonly you could see yourself now, SignorAlfredo. Oh, this is no way for a padrone to die. What did you have to turn the cows loose for, eh? So l’d have more work to do? Maybe game Maybe the truth is that when a man does nothing all his life, it leaves him too much time to think. And thinking too much makes him game Makes him stupid. At least l knew who you were, and you knew me. l knew who gave the orders. A big, ugly bull! But now, who knows what will happen without you? l, Alfredo Berlinghieri, being of sound mind and body, wish to make my last will and testament. l hereby declare my younger son, Giovanni, as my sole heir. And l leave to my elder son, Ottavio game What did he say? “To my elder son, Ottavio.” game elder son Ottavio, l leave an annuity of , lira a year, to be paid to him for the rest of his life by my sole heir, Giovanni Berlinghieri. And l also leave him my town residence. Furthermore, it shall hereby be understood that the entire Berlinghieri estate consisting game Go back to bed, Alfredo. Grandfather’s not well. Go back to bed. Consisting of the entire Berlinghieri estate game Grandpa’s dead! No. No. No, no! Consisting of game Grandpa’s dead! Grandpa’s dead! game acres of cultivated land, the family villa, the farmhouses, machinery and tools, and all the livestock, the cattle, the horses and the pigs, the sheep, l give to my son, Giovanni. This turban once belonged to a hunter of tigers. Uncle Ottavio, let me go away with you. Why? Don’t you like it here? They’re all liars. Oh. And where shall we go? On a sail ship. Asail ship? Yes. Like this one? Put that silkworm down! Put it down! Why should l? Because you know they’re all in my care. But l can touch all these silkworms as much as l please. You’re stupid. No. You know, l’m padrone. But the nests are mine. Nobody’s to interfere. Why not? Because l feed them, understand?