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their needs to contribute game to contribute in this dam game Who are these people?Why are they sending their money? What do they think? The country will straighten upby their money? Are these people crazy? Are these people mindless? These people only do such thingsbecause game they love their country beyond doubt Apart from all this game they want their future generations game should born in a free and enlightened Pakistan game They deserve better game Thank You, Very much game Today the speech of Mr. Ijaz Khan game brought a new ray of hopehe won peoples’ heart game he changed people’s notions about energy crisis game People believe, this energy crisiswill end soon game Oh Siraj game I see that you’re game you’re getting worse byevery passing day game You think I don’t know that game the kind of people you’remeeting with, these days? You fool, these people game these people will only use you! they never’ll be your friends game they’ll cast you out like useless coin game useless coin gamelaughs There’s only one currency in the world game that is Power game You owe it to me, all of it Whenever I want it back, I’ll snatch it out of your hands game Power game That you think you gave me? You’re very wrong about this game Now this Power belongs to me game Mine game From now on, I game I’m your servant game accept me in your servitude game accept me as your servant game Molana game What you’ve forced me to do? Why are you so anxious? He was my father When you’ll want your father dead I’ll do it for you game Invisible Audience Cheering Cheering continues gameYou’re very punctual It’s nice game It’s very nice game This money is for New Molana Your money is creditedinto your account game You must’ve checked I’ve checked game Atleast there should bepeople game Would be easier if there aretwo or three ladies game DoneEverything! when would be that done? that you want game Why is Mujtaba using my SecureStation? He’s not authorized to.!It’s a violations I authorized him We’ve got bigger problems to deal with So get on with it game Let’s see who this Mujtaba really is?