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as if it was a person, and that she would die for it. AUDIENCE APPLAUDING, CHEERING Let me read this. Oh, my God. Uh, and the winner game and the song is Stronger Than Me by Amy Winehouse and Salaam Remi. Let’s give it up! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE This is me, isn’t it? Right here. Wow! I don’t believe this. Um, thank you, Salaam. There’s no picture of him, but Salaam is the most inspirational producer I’ve ever worked with. And he has that unique skill of not just having the most appropriate beat, but also, um, drawing the artistry out. And I guess that’s the story of this song. And I wanna thank game What I allowed her to do was to really just put her wit into her songs. When I heard her sing in front of me, I could tell she was really like a jazz singer. She had the stylings of a -year-old jazz singer who knew the ropes up and down. It was, like, Okay, if this is what you are when you’re , then what are gonna be when you’re ? FUNKY ROCK MUSIC We’re now joined by Mos Def in the backstage area. Thanks for coming and taking time out and chatting to us. I heard they was doing something, so I came down. LAUGHTER I became aware of Amy in . I was out in England. I’m a big jazz fan and I really liked what she was doing. I thought it was unique, it was edgy and sincere. And that’s the thing I liked most about Amy, is that she didn’t have any airs. She was real. AMY SINGING I had a chance to meet her while I was here, and we hit it off. We became fast friends. She was just a charming, sweet lady. I had a bit of a crush on her, to be honest. She was raw, she was fast with a blue joke, could drink anybody under the table, wasn’t afraid to roll a smoke, had a big giant laugh, and was just a sweetheart, you know? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE You don’t seem that bothered about everything. D’you know what I mean? You have some artists that step in here and go, Right, I want that number-one spot. I want my album to go number one, I wanna chase up with a second album. But what’s up with you? I’m determined on the next thing. I’m not interested in game Success,