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Strong Wheels The turbulence in the Airline Industry has grounded many Game Sir this is our smallest inch LCD Game Increase the volume please Game For the last two years, airline companies have been bearing the brunt of the unreliable markets. But Air Connect is the first company that has ousted employees at one go. That’s right, ! Cabin crew, technical, ground, marketing staff included. Marketing! She’s not answering her phone Game Neither is Mohit Game Gursharan, Mohit’s job is gone! Congratulations Sir. Thank you, and congratulations to you too Game This will be your apartment, sea facing, on the Dubai Marina Game One of the most posh localities in Dubai. It has four bedrooms Game Look at the kitchen Game Look at this. Rent is totally paid by the company, plus double salary. Mind you in UAE dirham and overseas perks Game Sir, what if I say no? I’ll send you to a mental asylum. Sir I’m going to get married Game Oh wow, really? Mohit? Yeah. Well I didn’t think you would refuse such a great offer, to get married. Sir we love each other, we can’t stay apart. I am really sorry Sir. Thank you. Wait, don’t you want to see what car they’re offering you? Sir I am really Sorry Game but Yeah Your papa is here? Papa? Papa! Mayeru! Mayeru? Are you feeling Ok? Are you ok? I’m ok. Mohit has lost his job and you’re ok? Mohit lost his job? Didn’t you watch the news? If a big company like Air Connect couldn’t save its employees, then what about the smaller ones? Demands for safe and secure jobs in the Government are increasing Game Applications for Civil Services entrance exams have risen by % Game In these tough times of recession, private company jobs are Game When he had a job, I was willing to compromise. But I will die before I let you marry a jobless man Game Please understand this Game It’s over! Mohit Hey Mayera, lmmy here Game Mohit, you haven’t lost your job have you? Hey Game this is lmmy! Tell me seriously Honestly ya, I’m lmmy speaking. Mohit has gone to fight with the boss, he left his phone behind. So everything is safe? Yes, my job is safe Game but Mohit’s is gone Game What?