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That’s why I want you to come inside. No games but listen, I just games I need to figure out if we can continue a professional relationship here games Come on inside. Come in the house. And if we can’t games Come on. I want to show you something. I hired these guys. Sorry? Kat. Come here. Come on. Come on. Come on. Chef Paul, that looks amazing. You’re a wizard. Thank you. Look at that. Look at that salad. Look at that. This is games I hope you brought an appetite and that you didn’t eat already because games I had a Power Bar on the way over. You had a Power Bar games great, that’s games Well, that’s all right, but this is some gourmet stuff. This is, like games he’s games he’s a celebrity, that guy. Kat! Keep playing. Kat, where are you going? This is good food. This is games How ing stupid are you? Hey, Kat. Kat. Kat! You want to date me? For bucks an hour? No. I mean, yes, I want to date you. Why, because you thought we liked each other? Yeah. Well, you know. Danny, I’m in the service industry, okay? That is my job. You know what? That’s not what this shit is about. This is about you insecure s not trusting anything you can’t buy. My god. You have got to be the worst rich guy ever. You don’t know what to do with your money. Boo-ing-hoo, Danny. Give it to charity. Fine, I can do that. I’ll do that. Give it to cancer research, and then go get cancer for all I give a ! God damn. I’m sorry, Danny. Was that harsh? Maybe I’m not your dream girl, okay? Maybe we have absolutely nothing in common. I had a lot in common with my ex-wife, so I don’t know. Maybe I don’t need to do that again. You know, I didn’t know you were this angry. Well, I am! It’s not making me any less attracted to you. How do they know I’m y? They’ve seen your picture on my Facebook. They’re watching me on Facebook? Of course. You remember those pictures I was taking almost every day? The ones with my shirt off? All right, see you, Charles. Hey, I games Why do I have a message from Danny Ross telling me that he’s stopping payment on his check? Okay,