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Probably to save you the trouble of picking her up? Oh my god, does that mean you haven’t left yet? What do you mean, picking here up? Christian, I can’t believe you haven’t left yet! I promised Charlie you’d be here before bedtime. Picking her up? For what? I left you a message last night. Although I should’ve figured you wouldn’t listen to it. dress up games Why would Kate be coming? Um, because I invited her? What dress up games why would you do that? Because I like her. You like her, what are you talking about? You met her once! We need some milk for that. What? What? I wasn’t talking to you. I met her twice, actually, and I like her. So what if you like her? We broke up dress up games wait. How dress up games How dress up games How the hell did you even talk to her? I had her address from the thingy. So you, what, like you sent her a letter? It was really nice, actually. She’s great. You’re an idiot. Susan. Put two spoonfuls, and then mix it in dress up games dress up games and then we need salt and pepper. Yes. Look, she’s nice, I like her dress up games Charlie likes her, I thought it’d be fun. No, don’t you think that’s gonna send Charlie some mixed signals? Me going over there with a girl who’s not my girlfriend? You showed up to her birthday party wasted dress up games dress up games and puked in her bouncy castle. I think she can handle this. Look, I’m busy over here, okay? I do this thing every year, and it gets more and more boring. I like her, I thought it would be fun, whatever. Get over it and get on the road. I can’t believe you sent her a letter. How was the meeting? Uh, great. I’m really excited to hear about it. I’ll see you when you get here. Yeah, oka dress up games Um. By the way dress up games Oh dress up games dress up games mother dress up games er. Okay. Okay. Okay. Listen dress up games Yeah? Are you ready, Christian? Cause I’m ready, and so is this gentleman here dress up games There’s a few things I need to explain dress up games This gentleman who says he’s your father