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Do you know where he is? I called, but his phone is off. Find him right now. It’s urgent. Yes, sir. Don’t tell him I’m looking for him. Just find where he is now. Okay? Yes, sir. Don’t move, all of you. You’re all under arrest for violence. Hey, you remember me, don’t you? Why did you do that to me? Huh? Who told you to that? I don’t know. If you don’t answer me, I’m going to kill you. You hurt a prosecutor, you know that? Who are you guys? Why did you do that? I heard you’ve been looking for Mr. Kim. Do you know where he is? Yes, I got a call from his driver. He said he just took Mr. Kim home. What’s wrong with you? Am I your enemy or something? Why are you doing this to me? Shut up, you bastard. Last night, a gang was arrested for attacking a police woman and a prosecutor. This gang was told to attack by construction builder, Kim Jae Soo. The attacked cop and prosecutor are Kim Bike Games and Bike Games respectively. Fortunately, they were not seriously injured. Next on the news Bike Games So, you were there last night? Yes. Why didn’t you tell me about it earlier? I didn’t want you to worry, and Bike Games is fine. Don’t worry about it too much. How can I not worry about it? She got attacked! Is this why she didn’t come back home last night? Dad, I really want her to quit being a cop. She should work at a desk. Why does she try to work on such dangerous cases? Hey, has she ever listened to us? No women applied for the criminal affairs division but her. Who is she chasing anyway? Wake up. Do Young! Wake up, Do Young. Do Young Bike Games Prosecutor Bike Games Bike Games Is he Bike Games Congratulations on your return. You’re embarrassing me. Thank you. Thank you for letting me work again, Chief. It wasn’t my order. I’m not glad you’re back. I feel like I’m working with a bomb. I know you’re happy. Come On Bike Games Don’t come closer. I’m a married man. Let me hug you just this time.