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Stunt Trials Shields up. Shoot back. Withdrawal. Now go back to the cave. Back to the cave, we make it down there. Come on. Bring your sister and the girl to the cave. I have to stay here. You have nothing to prove, people die for you. Do not be in vain. Go now. Do it. Black Guard. Now. Go away, take the boy. Right Now. Do you want my blood? We have to go, before more Black Guard. I see you, woman. I see. Qiang Lian and the white monkey. Did you help them? Or was it this? No, I think this is the white spirit. Why? Because Of game The boy is not like us. And how are we? The world would be better without us. And you, little brother. Do you really think that with robbers and bandits can reclaim the throne? Our father would hate what you’ve become. It’s good that you killed him. You’ve lost a lot of blood today. Let’s see how much you have left. Whoever does up his bow, dies. Caution, soon you cut yourself. It is enough Shing. Lian, no. Lord Shing is dead. The boy is now king. Sister. Is everything OK? What were you thinking? My country. Qiang. I am in love with you. Sorry. Your Highness. Please, forgive me.The unknown has its boundaries. Isn’t it exciting to push them back? You can honour yourself with being at the forefront of those who struggle so. Thank you. Admittedly, I struggled. But I can say this evening, before two doctors, that after months, even years of research, often disappointing, I have finally glimpsed the light. In a short while, I will be able to change the human condition. I know your tastes. I know your cognac, thank you. I read your last report with great interest. Doctor, don’t encourage my husband so, He no longer leaves his laboratory. Estelle, my dear, don’t bejealous of science. She’s an old maid, difficult to conquer. She’s cleverer than me. You’re forgetting that the state of your health is what drives me on. You’re always present in my laboratory. The ticking of the clock reminds me of your heart. It’s your blood I see in my test tubes. If one day you give me a son, I would be justified in saying: Twice, you owe me life. I know, Reginald. I also know that you belong to thousands of strangers.