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Submarine Ocean 2 So, I Game I don’t like it. I’ll go talk to her and what I may say is, I want you to go back to the hotel and think this over and if you Game you come back tomorrow and tell me that this is what you want, I mean, that would be I guess my fallback position, rather than just send her home to Nevada. No. Yeah, I know, I know. To say, we’re all uncertain that this is the right thing for you. So, I want you to go home or go back to the hotel and think deeply about this and come back and tell us if this is Game that this is what you have decided and what you want. But again, I feel yucky. You can’t solve everybody’s problems. Well, I know I can’t but, dammit, I want to. Me, too. I wanna solve everybody’s problems. I wanna solve everybody’s problems. My name is Susan Robinson. I’m the doctor. Lucy. Hi, Lucy. Nice meeting you. Nice to meet you, too. Do you feel like introducing yourself or telling a little bit about how you came to be here and what’s It’s been a bit quite a catastrophe for you. Uhm, I’m from Reno, Nevada. And I was kind of in denial up until like a month ago. Then I was too scared to tell my mom, just as far as disappointment. Yeah. When I actually could tell her, we had a talk about it, it was too late. Women come here having decided that this is not a pregnancy that they can or want to sustain. And, where doeswhere do where does it come from that I get to say, Oh, yeah? Well, why? Why? Why do you want an abortion? You explain it to me, justify it to me. Why is that fair? What if you’re just not a good storyteller? Why would it be okay for me to say, No, you’ve got to tell me a better story than that. Because what I believe is that women are able to struggle with complex ethical issues and arrive at the right decision for themselves and their families. They are the world’s expert on their own lives. So, if somebody comes in and she says, I want an abortion, whether or not she is articulate about it, let alone whether she has a great story to tell, isn’t the point. The point is that she has made this decision.