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A lot of good this thing is gonna do us. A Pellet gun? You’ve been holding me hostage all night with an air rifle? Shut up. This is too much. We gotta find a way in there. I Games I got a plan. That oughta do them. I would love to see those bastards try and top this. I would pay a million pesos to see their faces when they try to stop this baby. Hey, pal, the next time we see Carl and James, it’s gonna be Walt handing them their walking papers. [JINGLING SOUND] Somebody’s coming. You, over there. Come on! Come on, move it. Get up there. OK, OK, I’m going. [TRUCK STARTS] Oh we do live in extraordinary times. The lengths one has to go to get the job done. You’re destroying the environment and you don’t even care. How do you do it? How do you live with yourself? Gentlemen. Although I’d prefer to dump you along with the rest of this waste at the bottom of the Pacific, recent disruptions in our operation have created a problem, and now the Las Playas landfill will become your final resting place. Buried alive? Oh, not to worry. You’ll probably run out of oxygen before we reach the dump site. Seal ’em up. [MUFFLED SHOUTING] Hold on, everyone! Hey! [BRAKES MALFUNCTIONING] Something’s wrong. We’re not stopping. What? We’re not stopping! [YELLING] What the hell was that? Why don’t you move your ass and find out? No, you two stay. I want those barrels sealed. You two. [ALARM WAILING] Everybody all right? Yeah. Oh, . Get off of me. [SHOUTING] Come on, let’s go. No, no, no. No, no, no. I am not some kind of comic-book superhero. I’m a pizza man. Stay here and keep an eye on him. Yeah, right. [TENSE MUSIC] [MECHANICAL WHIRRING] I want the trucks moving immediately. I want every goddamn drop of waste dumped before the sun rises. OK, Mr. Potterdam. Go this way! JESUS! Holy ! [YELLING] All right, I’ll pick it up on my way back. Hi, Carl. Hi, James. How are you? Never better. [HORN HONKING] Susan! Come on. Come on! We can’t lose ’em! We’re not gonna make it. We’ll make it. [SIRENS WAILING] South Bay Security. Freeze! Rent-a-cops. I hate rent-a-cops too. [EXCITING MUSIC] Carl! What the hell are we doing? I think I love this girl. Really? How do you know? She let me feel the bumps on her head. Whoa! It looks like the bolt broke! No ! [YELLING] Hang on. OK. [YELLING] Trees! Trees! Carl! What? How you doin’ over there? Piece of cake. [YELLING] You need help. [GRUMBLES] Carl! James! Hey! Carl! I think I got a problem over here. All right, let me think of something. Hey, James, I didn’t think of anything yet. Hey, Carl! I definitely got a problem over here! I’m coming. [HORNS HONKING] [SCREAMING] I got you! [CAR CRASHING] Mr. Potterdam? We’re lookin’ pretty outnumbered here. I got an idea. Follow me. What the hell are you doing? Protecting the environment. Freeze. What are you Games Everybody freeze or I blow his head off! He’ll really do it. I’m not kiddin’. Don’t push him. I mean it. His whole head. You two with the weapons, over the side. Do it now! Yeah, man, I know you. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “We got us anothe