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Successful Shot 4 Well, goodnight Nicco, sleep well. See you tomorrow, José. Um hmm. So you’re back! Come here. And where’ve you been? Go on, in you go. What’ve you been doing, eh? I told you he’d gone fishing. It’s no business of yours. Fishing. Where’s the fish? There’s a fisherman for you. Not cleaned, not prepared. Not prepared for the master’s table. Stop it! Those are my fish! I caught them. You caught them. Would you like me to cut your head off too? Garcia, you fool! Leave him! Silly little brat! Garcia, you fool! Go away from there! I’ll teach you to bring back fish. José! José! What’s the matter? Come and sit down. What’s the matter? What’s happened? It was Garcia, he had a knife. He cut the heads off my fish. You have to clean them before you can eat them. It wasn’t that. He lifted it up and said he’d cut my head off. Cut your head off? Now Nicco! It’s true, José. He would have if I hadn’t run away. He followed me and tried to break down the door. What door, where? Of my bedroom. I waited till he’d gone, then I ran and ran. You must stop crying. There’s no need to be frightened any more. We’ll go back to the house together. Don’t send me back, José, please, don’t send me back. You’ll kill me if you do. Now he won’t kill you. That’s silly, he’s drunk, perhaps. He will, he will. Now stop it, Nicco. All right, I won’t take you back. We’ll go to my house, to my mother. Will that do? When you feel better we can talk about it. Better? Come on, let’s go. It’s a pity you’ve got to take him back. I’m not taking him back tonight. You can’t keep him here. What about his father. What would he say? I don’t know, Maria. We’ll know that tomorrow. But tonight, Nicco stays here. But ese, what about us? You’ve been in trouble with him before. This time you’ll lose your job. Don’t worry about us for a while. If I lose my job I’ll get another one. That’s all. You’ve done so much to help him. I’ve won, I’ve won! I’d take him back early tomorrow, José. Yes, I will. And I’ll talk to his father. Be careful what you say, for your own sake. Don’t worry.