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 I know, but I Right now, my dad is in Atlantic Cityplaying video poker ’cause, “That’s the only placehe feels alive,” and my mom is at a Game show in Amsterdamwith her trainer. That’sthat’s a little messed up. Yeah, no, it’s a lot messed up. Well, you know what, Dorothy? If you ever need a home for the holidays,you just let us know.  We can adopt you too. Oh.  Thank you.   Oh, thank you. Now, come on, let’s get out thereand let everyone know that you’re okay. Oh, sure. Oh, just to catch you up,your Uncle Jake is gay, your cousin Jasmine had an affair,and your Uncle Nate may have killed a guy. Mm, damn it! I hate these eating sticks. Okay, come on, dad.  Listen. I know that you’re upset about Virginia and everything, okay? But, you know, who knows when your paths may cross again? It’s like you always said about inseminating cowsif it’s meant to be, it’ll take.  I do say that.   Often. Well, well, well!Look who’s here. Come on. Sugar Cookies Recipe. Sugar Cookies Recipe   Virginia. Stop, we all know each other!Right, right, right.