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ideos on YouTube. Yeah. And you make it seem like you believe all this shit, you know. Of course, I do. Yeah. You smoke weed? No. So, I’d want to have a partition here, right, but not a full sort of floor-to-ceiling wall, you know. I want to feel like the space has flow, you know, all the way from one end to the other. Having said that, I’m aware that not everyone in there doing a class wants to feel like they’re doing it to an audience, so, you know, I just think we’d have to be really mindful of how we position our games feng shui, the equipment. You know, it’s about respect, good taste. Sort of being in line with the space. I mean, this place is games is bloody enormous, but I kind of want it to feel even bigger once everything’s in here, you know? Am I leaving anything out? No, that’s it. Yeah, it’s good, man. Well, you know, me and him’ll talk. Yeah. Yeah. Great. Great, great, great. Looks good, man. Looks good. Thanks, Danny. I appreciate it, mate. Thank you. Nice to meet you. Mandy, you are a legend for getting us in here at such short notice. I really appreciate it. We’ll just have to say that you owe me that dinner. Shit. I already owe you that. How about this weekend? You know, I was thinking of taking a little break after today. Break? For how long? Forever. What? But games Rick, you’re one of the good guys. Really? ‘Cause I’m still fat, and that still hurts my nuts. We know that you can be hard on yourself, okay? But that just means that you’re being honest. You have made progress. I know I’m honest, and honestly, I don’t care as much about games losing the weight as I thought I would, and my wife doesn’t really care much about it, so games probably just gonna games Look, Rick, I know you’re busy, okay, and I know it’s not cheap, and if finances are tight, I can talk to my boss about cutting a deal for you. He knows you’re a good client of mine. No, it isn’t that. I’m just quitting. you! You’re not a quitter. Shit. I mean, it had to end some time, yeah? I mean games you’re not gonna be a trainer for