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Summer Fruit Salad, Summer Fruit Salad Game, Play Summer Fruit Salad Games

Summer Fruit Salad Look at her face. Somebody take a photo. Yeah, you know what, that’s a good idea. Why don’t we all take a picture, huh? Yeah. Everybody, the three of you by the tree.   Uh, Dad…   Honey, I’m not dressed. You look fine. One for the scrapbook. Line up. Mom, you in the middle. Come on, get in there. That’s it. Now, Spa, move in a little bit. A little more. A little more. Yes! Thank you! Thank you! That’s the last we’ll be seeing of him for a while. But, hey, you’ll always have me to bark at. No fair, SpaSummer Fruit Salad got a car. I want a real rocket ship. Well, learn from this, Randy. If you’re as determined as Spa, maybe one day you’ll get one. I guess that means no.   That’s right.   Summer Fruit Salad your leather and polish your interior! Oh, my God! This is the best Game ever! The odometer read , miles. Oil burned and valves leaked at will. There were more rattles than an Irish nursery. It was the best car I ever owned. In  days, I would turn  and be liberated. No longer bound by gravity, but free, fluid at one with the wind and the sun. Preceding that joyous emancipation I would fail the driver’s test four times.