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Summer Princess DANCE MUSIC PLAYING VIKTOR SPEAKING RUSSIAN Ah, the Ryans. Perfect American couple. Welcome. Viktor Cherevin, my fiancée, Dr. Muller. Dr. Muller, you are so beautiful. SYSTEM BEEPING BEEPS Lemkov’s headed out. Jack, it’s show time. I hope you will enjoy the HautBrion. It’s a very special wine. CHUCKLING You find it amusing. GULPS Jack had an early start. So it seems. CHUCKLES Oh. JACK: Hey. Can I get another one of these? This is good, Viktor. Ah. Jack has a back injury. From Afghanistan. Me, too. Different time, different empire, same graveyard. My son’s, also. Sorry to hear that. Mujahideen grenade fragment is lodged in my hip to this day. LAUGHS I wouldn’t think a hand grenade would be the first thing you’d wanna keep on your desk. A reminder of a vanquished rival. You lost the war. But I beat your grenade. My grenade? One supplied by your CIA. Perhaps. Perhaps. CHUCKLES Well, I’m no medical doctor like my illustrious fiancée here, but I would recommend a Percocet or three for that hip. With a nice, hearty red like this, you won’t know your own name in an hour. What? Come on, don’t give me that look, Cathy. I’m not gonna be policed at the dinner table. Do you want one? I think not. Are you sure? Oh, I’m sure. You are so attractive like this. Chinchin. Will you excuse me, please? JACK SIGHS Jack, I speak no Russian. Is it too much to ask to be escorted? Oh, it’s just the bathroom, Cathy. It’s just the bathroom. Please. Allow me. Thank you. HARPER: Nice work, Jack. MAN SPEAKING RUSSIAN BOTH SPEAKING RUSSIAN I’m sorry. Uhhuh. CONTINUES SPEAKING RUSSIAN I got it. Okay. CHANG: Exit. Snowball is rolling. Okay to go. Step it up. Viktor! Viktor, Viktor, Viktor. Tell me. Which would you rather? Pick one. Either you live in some miserable shithole, you have no money, but you’re single. Or you’re rich, you live in some fantastic apartment, but you have to be, good God, you have to be in a relationship. Huh? What do you think? I’ll leave the night to the two of you. I won’t allow it. I think one of us needs to take a walk.