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looking people in here, huh? It’s like someone hit a pinata filled with white people who suck at golf. I mean, who are all these clowns? DANNY: Oh, come on. I think it looks fun. MARK: Certainly. Vennett says these are the people we’re betting against. Yeah, here we go. Here we go. DANNY: There he is. Chris, on my left. Chris, on my left. Gentlemen. When do we get a chance to face time with some of these lovely folks? Chris, give him the keycards. Do you even know which keycards you’re giving out? You’re just giving them out? Thank you. First of all, how was your travel? How are you? Uneventful? Uneventful. Okay. I’ve been here for six hours. I’ve already been to the gym, I had two poached eggs and I played blackjack with Harry Dean Stanton. MARK: Thank you for your diary. Face time. I’d like some face time. Just remember. We’re here to gather information. We’re gathering information, okay? We’re not advertising our short position. All right? We don’t want to spook everybody. Can you do that? I know you got a big mouth, you like to run it. Can you just keep it shut for a few days? Okay. Okay. Yeah, don’t worry. We’ll play nice. Ladies and gentlemen. Business is good. Profits are strong and the mortgage continues to be the bedrock on which this economy is built. AUDIENCE APPLAUDING And, yes, we had to take some losses in our subprime department last year, but those losses will be contained at only %. Now, in our residential sector… VINNIE: Mark, it’s not a Q and A. …our rollout of those variable rate packages were gobbled up by the consumers! MARK: I have a question, please. Uh… Sir, the Q and A is after my statements. But you know what? You seem anxious. How can I help you? Thank you. How are you? Fine, thank you. Would you say that it is a possibility or a probability that subprime losses stop at %? Thank you. I would say it is a very strong probability, indeed. So back to the residential sector. When we rolled out the new variable rates package… Super Alien Siege, Super Alien Siege Games, Play Super Alien Siege Games