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is fixed with a big ass antenna. Snarfing the hardware ID of anything that broadcasts. We, then geo locate em’. My friend Tasha here with the Air Force reins Hellfire. There she is now. Hey, Trev. You likin’ the show? You know it. We track ’em, you whack ’em. And who did we just track? Not who, what. We’re targeting bad guys’ cell phones. Sometimes a SIM card. Okay. And how do we know the bad guy is in possession of the bad cell phone? We don’t.- Of course we do. JSOC and CIA have their people in the field. What’s the program name? Epic Shelter. It was originally some backup program for uh Radio Catastrophic site failure. Yeah. How did you know that? I built it. You? Yeah, you know actually, I’ve been thinking about another use for Epic Shelter. What’d you have in mind? Well, I was chatting with Jim Lowell about how there were so many programs Radio Deputy Director Lowell? Yeah, yeah. And we were saying there are so many programs nowadays, it’s kind of impossible to keep track of them anymore. Right? So why create a centralized database? Ah, like an index? Yeah, exactly. Something that updates in real time. We now already got Epic Shelter collecting our finished intel. We just need a web portal to catalog it. Make it searchable. Let me think about it. In any case, I’d have to run it past Fort Meade. ‘Course. Did you have a name? Yeah, if it’s not taken, I’d call it Heartbeat. Heartbeat. Radio five, four, three, two, one. Engage target. You okay down there? Yep. This is why I keep saying we need to hike more. You’re right. Hey, can you look at me? Come on. It’s been years. By social media standards, you don’t even exist anymore. Just one. Smile. Show me your teeth. My elusive E. Finally captured. So now I’m a viable boyfriend? Yes. Such a shame. You used to be such a cute little model. Little? Yeah. Was I little? Wait! Stop Radio hahaha! Oh my God. I think you’ve got some sun. I’m serious. It looks good. Oh, that’s impossible. Hey, um, I’ve been meaning to ask you, by the way, did you switch pharmacies?