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just in case ordinary jobs become criminal again. Just sayin’. Radio even touch me Radio Oh my God! Dude, you okay? You okay, man? Get away. Don’t touch him. Hey, Ed, how are you? How’s your health? Hey, Corbin. Ah, it’s Radio It’s fine. Thanks for asking. It must be nerve racking, living with that condition. You wouldn’t know it. Look at your numbers. Chinese IPs down in your first four months. Those are uh, internal numbers. Your colleague Trevor, is out of the CIA like you. He’s been keeping me informed on your progress. It’s outstanding work. Heartbeat, as well. Thank you. Thanks. That means a lot. Lowell is very pleased. He sends his regards. That’s great to hear. He um Radio He doesn’t know about your heat map conversations or some of the ideas you’ve expressed to your colleagues. And he’s not going to. Yeah, uh Radio You know, Heartbeat is proving a tricky project. Collating from multiple agencies. And knowing where to pull from. It has helped to talk it over with colleagues. I believe in you. Which is why nothing happened to you after the derog in Geneva. And I’m very grateful you’ve looked out for me. Or after you “omitted the truth” in your last polygraph. What was it you were witholding exactly? You remember that day in class you were talking to us about the FISA court? You said that they approved Bush’s wiretapping programs. Sometimes we’re restricted from telling the whole truth. Doesn’t give us permission to lie. Corbin. The Director of National Intelligence just lied to Congress. Sorry. Look at me. Did you access an unauthorized program? That I did not know about? Yes. It was, uh Radio It was in Geneva, it was Lindsay, I was jealous. And I’m sorry. I never did it again. Listen Radio I know it’s been up and down with you and Lindsay since Geneva. It’s tough Radio keep any relationship going. Few of us do. So if it will give you any peace of mind, I can assure you she’s not sleeping with that photographer friend of hers. if that’s what you’re thinking. I have to go to a FIVE EYES conference