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Yes. But does it explain how you feel when you see the rainbow or snowflake? No. Feeling aren’t magic. So you do have magic. What are they then? I don’t know. The feeling. Okay, they make you do and say things you normally wouldn’t do or say, like, like.. If you met this girl that you never knew. And all the sudden there’s.. Can’t think anything to say but you can’t stop talking and your body like hot and cold in the same time and Games Your heart is beating like you just run a mile in a minute Games And it’s.. It’s like.. Magic? Yeah, I guess. Help! Help! Are you okay? My sister is trapped. What? There. Please come help us. Look Games I Games I really have to stay. Please. I.. I’m Games Please. Fine. Fine. Okay. Please. Thank you. Oh, thank goodness. Hurry! Wait Games you’re Games you’re twins? No, we are not. We’re triplets. And you our Games Dinner! Come on, let me down! Zhao! Zhao! Zhao! Zhao! Help! Zhao! Zhao! Aw! He’s a cute one. Cute one always taste better. Oh, no. The fat ones taste better.