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the outhouse pig. If you poop, he comes and eats it. He eats poop? Yes, but if you pee he gets disappointed. Here, you can have this gold crayon. Can I really have it? Yes. But you have to give it back when you see grandma. I have to color my grandma’s hair. Grandma! Grandma, I’m hungry! Oh, sweetie… Let’s eat. Ma’am. Ma’am… Hello, I’m Hye-ji’s an teacher. Hye-ji placed high in the art contest. Take it away. Please take a look. Thanks to you, she learned to focus on the light. It’s a painting of you, so please look at it. I’m sorry. I’ll get going. ‘Confession’ by Lee Hye-ji year later I can’t believe we are in a book store. So you’ve never visited her since you left? Just go and beg over and over. What a dumbass. What? What? Why do you make it so complicated? Thank you. Welcome. Is it okay to take a break? Aren’t you busy? Yes, I’m okay. But what brings you…? Well I’m just wondering.. if she comes to see you these days. Sorry? Last week… She disappeared. We wanted her to live with us. She insisted on staying at senior care center. Why… Didn’t you tell me? She’s so stubborn. She kept asking me not to tell you. Missing child Lee Hye-ji Bangshin Marketplace? Have you seen this person? No. How much is this? Please take a closer look. I’ve never seen her. Have you seen this person? Have you seen this person? Mister, could you see this picture? Give me that. She looks familiar. She was wandering around a few days ago. When was that? You mean the dotard? Yes, Have you seen her? She must be dead already. She walked around for a few days. Try the police, maybe they found her body. When did… When did you see her? It might have been a week ago. I’m sure she’s dead. Why do you keep saying she’s dead? Have you seen it with your own eyes? What a weirdo. Let’s go diving… Let’s go diving… Grandma! Grandma Gye-chun! Grandma… It’s me. Don’t you recognize me? It’s dangerous out here. Hye-ji? Yes, I’m Hye-ji. My baby… My grandchild, Hye-ji? That’s right. It’s your grandchild, Hye-ji. I looked everywhere for you.