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I guess I’m not talented. I don’t want to learn art. Lee Hye-ji… Why do you have to make life so difficult? Never mind. You’d better take these back. Your grandmother asked me to teach you art, so that you’d enjoy life. She gave me bracken, seaweed… Ginseng liquor… I know you had a hard life. It might strengthen or weaken you. It’s all up to you. If your grandmother is this devoted… You should at least try. Ni hao! Ms.Yang, get him a cup of coffee. I have something to ask you. He’s not Chinese. Please sit down. Sir, it’s a wasting time. Here is the best. Grudge, grudge. They’re asking the Sea God for protection. Hye-ji! Let’s go over there. There’s no need to be scared. Hye-ji! Where are you going? Come here. Sea God… Please have pity on my granddaughter and help her lead a good life. Please help her… Please help her… Hong Gye-chun Bankbook What am I doing? Are you sure you looked everywhere? Of course. There’s no sign of a break-in. Then, where did it go? Are you sure you left it there? Try to remember.