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I want to. Ijust felt so ungrateful Games That I’d ever been uncertain. Tell me you want it. What? I need to knowthat you want our child. I want it. More than anything. ! I’ll get a cloth. Dear Justin and Kate. We are going back to Germany. We realise that our presence here is a cause of tension and regret. We need time to grieve our loss, and you need freedom to enjoy the birth ofyour child. What has happened has happened. What matters now is that you have your child, and that Jon and I return only once we feel liberated from this awful emptiness that currently inhabits us. We will not come back unless we can honestly say congratulations to you both and bless your new child with all the benediction it deserves. Yours faithfully, Theresa Baker. He’s asleep. What is it? Why didn’t my mum come to the hospital? She finds it difficult. You knowthat. Your parents came. They brought flowers. My parents always bring flowers. She never comes to the flat. I always visit her. I’ve had a baby. He’s ours. Nothing else matters. I think we should knock. No. No way. lfthey’re coming back, lwant an apology first. Just Games l’m sorry. There’s no excuse for what she said. Are you ready? Sure. And you want the father to be named on the form? Yes. He’s taking the blame too. That’s it? That’s it. Sorry. He’s very good. He’s asleep. Give me your coat. Sit down. Er, yes, I did say on the phone that I have to be at Jill’s by :. Yes, Mum, you said. So shall I make tea? Justin’s making it. I got you a present. To say well done. That’s lovely. Stop protecting her. He called you, didn’t he? That’s why you’re here. You don’t have to do this, Mum. It’s fine. I’m very happy. Just Games Leave us alone. Let’s leave it. Maybe it’s the girl downstairs. She let me in after I buzzed. Darling, she knows we’re here. Hi. Hi. We’re back. We saw. Theresa’s just setting the alarms. Is this a bad time? The problem was we didn’t know whether he was a she or she was a he, so you’ll have to pick. It’s the blue one, darling. So you haven’t met Billy? Not until now, no. “Billy”? That’s a lovely name. ls it William? No, ifsjust “Billy”. You mentioned that you loved the sea. I do. Thank you. It’s beautiful. Well, put it on him. He’s asleep. Oh no, don’t wake him. We’re going to have a family ourselves. Oh, that’s wonderful. They’ll be able to play together. That’s why we did the garden. Billy can use it whenever he wants. I mean, whenever Kate wants. The park’s not too far away. It’s such a lovely garden. Are you a keen gardener? I suppose I am, yes. Well, lwonder ifyou could help me Games Was this a bad time? No. Course not. We just want you to know we are so sorry for what we said. Me too. lt was horrible, but it’s done now. I really like you, Kate. Ijust want us to be able to live together. Can we try? Thank you. You’re both wonderful. Can I hold him? Mum, do you want to? No! Shh! Not again! He might not wake this time. Go to sleep. There’s no point both of us staying up. ! Here you are. Bye. Good luck. Hi. Hi. I was just seeing ifyou were OK. Could you hear him