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Controls: Arrows : Ride, Space     Z :Nitro

  You’re the only one that ever really notices that hair, so I think I’m just gonna let her go au natural this year. Super Bike Gp. Tomorrow’s Picture Day. You got a shower schedule? We’ve only got  minutes of warm water. We’re not gonna rush in the morning. I didn’t want everybody freaking out over being late, so I figured we’d just get over there when we got over there. You know we get a dishwashersafe portrait plate if we get there before : Super Bike Gp  Yeah, I know, but since it’s kind of creepy seeing the whole family staring at you through a plate of spaghetti, I figured it didn’t matter. Super Bike Gp. Next. You know I said there wasn’t going to be a theme, right? I know. You told us to dress in something we were comfortable in. This is comfortable. Smile. Thanks, Mom. I know this is hard for you. Next! Oh, my God, look… Look at that mountain.