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Below your navel. Down. Up. Down. That’s it. Up. Hung! Come here! Now! I thought… after all that’s happened to you, We’ve decided to ground you. You can’t leave the house. In addition, you must spend… But he punched me first. But I’m meeting with Master Dao later. Go to your room. I don’t want to be a baker. I don’t even like your croissants. They’re terrible. I throw them in the trash everyday! Go to your room. I… gotta get back to work… still a few things… Have you ever dreamed of having a family? I don’t allow myself to think of things… I can’t have. And neither should you. Battle stations. We have to go. Just a few more minutes. It’s so beautiful. We have to go. There will be another one tomorrow. “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! YOUR SILLY HUSBAND” The past nine years… was the happiest time of my life. Was the happiest time of my life. Was the happiest time of my life. Hung. I’ve never hit him before. I’m not not that kind of man. Tinh was right he makes a really good croissant. I even ate the whole thing. I don’t know how I’d live… without you and Hung. Are you taking Hung with you? Where would I take him? You’re leaving with him, aren’t you? Does he… know that Hung is his son? Hung… Hung is your son. And I love him as if he is my own. I will always remember… that night when you walked through that door. You were so lovely. I didn’t care. I just wanted… to be a pan of your life. Things… are not what you think. Do you still love him? He was my first love… I still care for him. But you are the one I love now. Why did you leave him? It was inappropriate… for the Masters to have relations. The Emperor’s rules. The Emperor’s army… must be strong and unified. You’re one of them? I just wanted to live a normal life. Hien! Your house is burning! Hurry! Hurry! Bring me your best bottle now! Let’s go. Where are you guys going? What are you doing? Trying to ruin my business? Okay, okay. Never mind. Make yourself at home. I’m thinking of redecorating anyways. You look like ! After all this time…