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the last six weeks. Wait a minute! Wait a minute. You have been spying on me? I don’t really consider it spying. What would you consider it, then? Let me finish! You and Jack had a fight, you left angry and the next morning I found Berger’s body in the trash. Jack’s body? Somebody killed him, Susan. For a while I thought it was you. No, Jack is not dead. Jack was over at my apartment last night. Trust me, Jack is dead. Jack came over because there was some mix-up with a tape and I went down to my car to get the right tape and Games The tape, the tape. This is what had Jack so worked up. Come on, we gotta get this to the police! What the hell was that for? For lying to me. I hate liars! Hates liars? That’s for spying on me! Come on! [GROANING] What happened? It was something. You got struck by lightning. Really? A freak storm. [EXCITING MUSIC] Police! Thank God. Police! Hello! Over here, by the playground. Ew. Sorry, GUYS- Wait! It’s not what it looks like. Please, give us a hand. No, I’m really not into it, but thanks. Carl! Come on, Carl. Everything I ever said about you, just kidding. He was. You’re not really gonna leave us here, are you? That would be Games Come on, come on, already! About a thousand keys here. Try this one. This one. I’m trying, I’m trying. Hey. Hey, hey, hey! I got it! Look out. Move! Look out! It’s my turn, asshole! [SIRENS WAILING] What is he doing? What are you doing? I’m crashing! Down! [SCREAMING] I’m back. Let’s go, honey. Chief, we got ’em. We found ’em. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Maxwell Potterdam the Third. Maybe you’ve heard of me. California magazine just did a piece on me. With the exception of being misquoted several times, I thought it was a pretty good article. Anyway, all that is Games unimportant. This Games is what’s important. Let’s put these folks in the car and go someplace a little more noisy. Come on, move it. Hey That’s them. Getting into that limo. What the hell’s goin’ on? I don’t know, but we’re gonna find out. [CAR STARTS] I knew this was gonna get heavy.