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Take your place? No, no. And don’t mention anything to your folks. What do you mean? Let’s keep this between us. Why? You wanted to surprise your parents, didn’t you? Yeah. Okay. And Jeff Game I’m glad you got your license back. This one’s pretty. I think I’ll take this one, too. No, if I take this one, I’ll have to have another one. That one. That one over there. Jeff. Jeff, Jeff! What? Didn’t I tell you fruit trees? Fruit trees? I thought this was a cactus sale. I want to dress it up a bit with a pair of dwarf persimmons. Dwarf persimmons? Fruit trees for short people. Bring out a Mexican Old Man. Now I’m a social worker. You can take these right to the cashier. All right. Thank you very much. There’s nothing to be afraid of with plants, sir. I know what’s coming. “Talk to them.” I don’t want to talk to them. I will water, but not a whole lot, however. I don’t have the time. How is the light in your nook? Don’t start that. That’s what the last guy asked me, and I was doing sun studies for a month. I guess what I’m looking for is something fat. A fat plant? All fat with leaves. Bushy? You tell me. Hold on, hold on. Richard? The gentleman is looking for a fat plant to fill a nook. Lots of leaves, and he doesn’t want to worry about water or light. Plastic. You want a plastic plant. Kmart. No, I don’t want plastic. I want real. Excuse me. What are you doing, mister? What do you think I’m doing? Not what I told you to do. You told me to find the Mexican Old Man. That’s not a Mexican Old Man. That’s a candelabra cactus. Now put it back. Put it back. What is this? That’s a meditation tree. They’re from India. Help you relax. That’s for me. What do you think, son? Will it help me relax? I certainly hope so. Now, let them off there, folks, then come on aboard. Yeah, they’re really biting today. What did you get, Richard? Bonita, sheephead, mackerel, bass. What about you, Jeff? Tell him. Tell him. Tell him what? What you got. I got a tire and a tin can.