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Don’t know who or what, but it’s on River’s mind. Conjure it might be the reason they’re after her. You think maybe it poses some kind of threat to the Alliance? Do we care? Are we caring about that? You dumb-ass hogs, the only people she’s a threat to is… us on this boat. Look, we get back to Haven… in a few hours’ time. Oh, yeah. Hiding under the Shepherd’s skirts… that’s a manful scheme. You wanna run this ship? Yes. Well, you can’t. Do a damn sight better job than you. Getting us lashed over a couple of strays. No offense, Doc. I think it’s noble as a grape… the way you look to River. But she ain’t my sister and she ain’t your crew. Oh, and neither is she exactly helpless. So, where’s it writ that we got to lay down our lives for her? Which is what you’ve steered us toward. I didn’t start this. No, that’s right. Alliance starts the war, and then you volunteer. Battle of Serenity, Mal. Besides Zoe here, how many… Hey, I’m talking at you. How many men in your platoon came out of there alive? You wanna leave this room.