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you will do it outside the house. ls that clear? This is what you were waiting for. To become the padrone. God only knows how long you have been waiting. And another thing, l know you look impressive in that uniform, but my wife doesn’t want to have any Black Shirts in the house. Many women are game Come on, Alfredo. He’s not educated, l agree, but listen to me. Hang on to him. He’s yourwatchdog. Well, where were you, watchdog, when they broke into my father’s file? No. What happened to the gun he kept in there? Must have been a communist. They don’t even have respect for the dead. You and your bride can rest without fear. The gun will be returned to its proper place. Never mind the gun. You’re here to keep Regina as far away from my wife as possible. Send me away. Why don’t you send me away? No, l want you here. You’re part of the inheritance. This is the prettiest house game Attila, look at me. lt’s an arm-wrestle. ls it true you win all the arm-wrestles? And when l think how fond l am of this house. Regina, it’s been decided. We’re all moving into the city. They have a right to be alone. And you tell me just like that? l’m not coming. l’ll stay here. Oh! Look who’s here. Ottavio. lt’s a little late. Yourwedding present. My wedding present. Oh! Ottavio! Thank you. His name is Cocaine. Cocaine. Beautiful. Thank you, Uncle. He’s beautiful. His name is Cocaine. l want to ride him. Oh, the stirrup. One, two, three, up. Oh! Oh! What a stunning gift. How magnificent. Come in here, you coward. Now, you make love to me here, in this house. l’ll make love to you. l’ll make love to you game lt’s my house, too. game so hard. l’m part of the inheritance. Didn’t you know? The gentry have a special place to masturbate. Alfredo and l used to do it here. You’re a beast! l felt so sorry for you. Standing there, taking the insults. At heel beside your master. l’m his watchdog. Then bite! Bark! Don’t let him treat me that way. He cannot treat me that way! What kind of a man are you? Who are you? Never bite the hand that feeds you