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What happened to your shoe? From now on, don’t go anywhere. Stay right by my side. Huh? I said no. The house has been empty for one year. We’ll pay rent, so everyone will be happy. It’s not my house. It has an owner. I know, but… Please… I’m begging you. I know that you can allow it. I’ll take care of it. Han, be careful! Don’t worry, Mom. This is upside-down! I need a rag. Here you go. Hye-ji. It’s Toya! He’s so old now. Everyone, make way for the outhouse pig! Oops! You should be more careful! You planned that, didn’t you? Apologize to him. How could you leave me out? I want to be a part, too. What can I do? Hurry up! Sweep the floor. Here you go. Sweep the floor? All right. She’s here. Mrs. Hong! Sit over here. Why are you all standing? Do you recognize me? Of course. I’m not blind, you know. I’ll make you dinner. Do your homework. What are you staring at? What are you doing in front of my house? Grandma… Let’s get out of the cold. Hye-ji… Will you be okay on your own? Let’s get inside. Grandma, tell me if you get cold. Pretty. Grandma? Grandma? Grandma Gye-chun! Grandma! Grandma Gye-chun… Grandma, don’t do that! I guess it’s too late. Aren’t you cold? Grandma… Let me paint on you, too. That stings. Lift your head. Then, it will end faster. The sky is in the sea. In the sea… In the sea… You are my sea. The sky is in the sea. Warm yourself at a stove. Is she asleep? Yes, she is. Here. It’s from my wife. Now I’m relieved. I would’ve been hurt if she didn’t recognize us. By the way, what’s that painting about? That’s really nice. Seok-ho. Yes. Which is bigger, the sea or the sky? The sky is bigger obviously, isn’t it? No. The sea is bigger. The sea embraces the sky. Let’s see… The password of the account is , . Hye-ji can you hear this? I’ll just call you Hye-ji. To be honest, I might have already known… that you’re not Hye-ji. I just didn’t want to admit it. Which is bigger, the sea or the sky? I used to think that it would have been better if I’d died without realizing that you’re not Hye-ji. But not anymore. You’re my grandchild, too. There’s no doubt that you’re my grandchild. Being related by blood… That doesn’t matter at all. You were always my grandchild. My granddaughter… I made a living as a diver. You should make a living as an artist. My life was hard. But near the end, I met you. Soon, I’ll die. But I don’t want to leave you… I don’t want to leave you… I don’t want to leave you… I don’t want to leave you… I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Grandma, I’m sorry. Grandma… Sweetie… Grandma, are you okay? I was so worried. Why did you waste paint like that? You wanted to see flowers. They’re… The prettiest flowers I’ve ever seen. Eun-joo… Eun-joo… Eun-joo… It’s time for me… To join Hye-ji. She’s so young. I kept her waiting for far too long. What about me? Keep on living. Lead a good life. I’ll never forget you, even in heaven. Thank you so much for becoming my grandchild. Grandma. Good-bye. But don’t go too fast. Grandma… I will. I’ll lead a good life. I promise. Grandma… I love you. Hye-jii. Where are you? I can’t find you! Hye-ji! Grandma! Where are you? I can’t find you! Grandma! Come find me! Hye-ji! Grandma! I’m right here! Grandma Gye-chun! Oh… My baby. Grandma! What took you so long? Did you miss me? I missed you so much. Grandma. Don’t go anywhere. Yeah, I won’t go anywhere. Artist Lee. Over here. Look at this. It’s me and Mrs. Hong! You’re right. You’re in it, too. This was Hye-ji’s welcome home party! Look at that! Wow… She’s so talented. This looks just like Mrs. Hong. Is that your grandma? I wish she could have seen this. Me, too. It’s great. It’s all thanks to you.