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“Viral”? They sprung up in every major city, even the smaller cities and towns. Beauy, you want this shit or not? You’ve got ten minutes. What the game do you want? Turn that game ing thing off. You don’t game ing learn, do you? Come here, game wit. Oh, that’s right. game ing run. I thought you pricks would’ve learnt the first time. You wanted to play? Let’s go. Come on, you and me. Come on! What are you waiting for? Oi! Did you mastermind the rise of the Speak for the Dead movement? No, not at all. We have information here game that reveals that Mr. Murray Wills was receiving counseling from you for many years. That’s true. So you’re not denying that connection? No, not at all. In fact, I did consider Murray to be one of my successes. Because of Speak for the Dead? No, because he managed to work through his issues, which were considerable. You do realize that the Speak for the Dead movement game that Murray Wills game is now completely out of control? Yes, I do. Well, I game I guess Mr. Wills must have had other issues to work through? Of course he’s got other issues. The guy was abused as a child by his own dad. He managed to get out of that household, at last. Right. Is it fair to say game Came to me for help, and he was on the right Is it fair to say, that if you, is it fair track. fair to say, that if you were still out there, if you were a free man game that Mr. Wills would be on your list? Does it irritate you that your game main disciple seems to have lost his way? He’s not my disciple. Today we received this message from John Doe. It looks like John Doe’s motivation is a lot simpler than it first appeared. The brutal bashing of Henry Junig has forced me to reevaluate what I am doing. This was never meant to happen. It was never meant to go this far. For $ million, I will walk away game and the killings will stop. The serial killer known as John Doe is today attempting to blackmail the Australian government for $ million. Is today attempting to blackmail the Australian government for . million pounds.