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crazy white boy with a gun.” Well, let me tell you something, human life means very little to me at this point in time. [SIRENS WAILING] Relax, James, the cops are here. This is the police. You all drop those weapons. Yeah. Yeah, you! You there with the pellet gun, drop it or I’ll blow your butt away for sure, buddy. [INDISTINCT SHOUTING OVER POLICE BULLHORN] [CHUCKLING] A Pellet gun? You think we’d use a pellet gun for something like this? Get ’em! [EXCITING MUSIC] I gotta find Susan. Susan! Susan! Uh-oh. Stop ’em before they get away! Susan! Susan! Susan! Hey! Hey, hey, hey! What- [YELLING] Help! [BANGING] Susan. Ow! Oh! Where are we? You don’t wanna know. Carl! Carl, over here! Get down! Come on. Move out. Move! Everybody in the car. Get in! Get the door open. Start the car. Start the car! It won’t start. Get out of the car! Oh, ! Move it, move it, move it! Get out of the car! Hi, let’s have a play! Ouch! Be careful! [YELLING] High five! Your car, sir. [SCREAMING] [GOOFY MUSIC] Smile, butthead. [GUNSHOT] [YELLING] Whoa. [LAUGHTER] [UPBEAT MUSIC] Hey, it’s not what it looks like. We’re respectable peace officers. It’s just all one big, funny mix-up. [BARKS] Shoo! Shoo! Get out of here! Get outta here! Good morning! You’re listening to the Poorman on open-line. OK, we’re gonna take our next caller. Hello! You’re on open-line. Go ahead. Yeah, hi. My name’s Stacey and I have a boyfriend who I’ve been going out with for two years now. He works nights as a delivery boy for a pizza place. And last night he never came home and I am just positive that he is out sleeping with another girl. Well, I think you should definitely dump the dude! And upon the fate of the Fatherland rests the fate of the world. Germany is the nation of progress, the nation of culture.. the nation of science, the nation of ideas.. the nation of Beethoven, of Schiller, of Goethe.. Baumer. Sir. What is that? A bird, sir. A bird? Yes, sir. A lark? Yes, sir. Very good. On the window. This line.. The window. Very exact. Thank you, sir. But you don’t come here to draw, to write poems. Or to dream. Do you Baumer? No. Sit down. Gentlemen, you have all passed your examinations. As you know, you are graduated. The time for class is over. The time for duty has begun. You are dismissed. Herr Baumer.. You may stay. Cigarette? No, thank you, sir. Oh, you don’t smoke. Well, it is not a good habit. But all good habits, makes a dull person. What do the English say? All work and no play makes.. A dull man. A dull.. Yes, yes, very good. So you see, you have learned something here after all. There’s a time for work and there’s a time for play. You are graduating, your time for play is over. You are a dreamer, Baumer. You draw little sketches and write little poems. But now you’re a man, you have your duties as a man, your duty to the Fatherland. Will you wait to be called up of will you enlist? Of course you will respond to your call of duty. You will all respond. The entire class will go as one man to serve the Fatherland. I know I will