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What is said? Do not enter. And what’s in there? The unknown land. What is in the unknown land? Unknown things. Okay, wait, but.. You are drop me off to the wizard, right? Wrong. Okay, look, I really think.. Is about time we thought about getting me home? So do I. Here. What is this? A map. Itwill take you to the wizard. I.. I can’t read this. I justwant to go home and you are not helping. I gave you a map. So basicly it’s screw you, Jack. I brought you here against yourwill, I kidnapped you, and now you’re not the person I though you were. So, adios amigo. You are not my problem. Wrong at number one. I did not kidnap you. No one need you jump into that chest. Right on number two. You are not my problem. My problem is to get through the unknown land. Get pass the Arum’s army. Pass his personal guards. Pass the terror guards. Find the princess, get pass the Torror’s reinforcement. Pass the personal guard’s reinforcement. kill Arum. And then bring the princess back so she can be made empress who save the country.