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Super Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 3 Well, the reason I got so much is, I make sure I got what’s owed me. Know what I mean? Yeah, I know what you mean. So when are you gonna pay me? I’ll pay you. Oh, I know you’ll pay me. I said, when? When I pay you. CHUCKLES Don’t make do something about you, Waylon. If you don’t pay me, I’m gonna take this pretty farm. Why don’t you just sell it? Lord knows you ain’t actually farming it. What’s keeping you here, anyway? History. CHUCKLES History. You keep living for the past, you ain’t gonna have no future. CRACK You got two weeks. Have a good day. Why do you hate Waylon so much? He ain’t trustworthy. Then why are you workin’ for him? You got any better ideas? Were you two friends as kids? We played. Then what happened? Go see if your mother needs help. Go on, get! BARKING It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay, boy. BARKING He doesn’t like you too much. I don’t like him, either. Jesse? Why not? He kills the rabbits. Bites their legs off. Oh. You wouldn’t do a thing like that, now, would you? Where’d you get that? Found it. It’s yours, right? Finders keepers. What’s your name? Amanda. BARKING Jesse! BARKING Come here, boy. What’s this fence doing here? Do you know what’s back there? I don’t know. Curious? It’s private property. Ain’t it Waylon’s land? No. Whose is it, then? I want to see. No. What? Leave it alone, all right? Why? Just promise me. All right. Promise. COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING What? Huh? What are you lookin’ at? Nothin’. Your shirt has a tear in it. I know. Why don’t you fix it? Who am I gonna impress? Me. What do you think of me now you know my shirt’s got a hole? I don’t know. I like you. You go swimming in the lake yet? No. Meet me tomorrow? Boo! Jesus, Katie game IDA: Eli? How’d you get out here? I stole the keys after she went to bed. Where’d you park? Down a ways. Nobody’ll see it. This is crazy. What are you so worried about? You’re basically grounded forever just by living out here. Come on. ELI: I’m glad to see you. I think I’ve gone crazy out here. No, thanks. It’ll loosen you up. I’m plenty loose. Yeah, right.