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I suppose you want it in New York? ─ No, Where in heaven’s name do you want it then? Anywhere that is handy to get at. So long as we have the right men inside. Seriously .. I think it should be an entirely .. new city. That’s an original idea. Where? Oh .. somewhere central. On the Potomac. ─ Ah, the Potomac. You think it should be in the North. Why? Why? I’ll tell you, In the first place, all our country’s great and glorious and traditions .. Cluster about the North. ─ There is some truth in that. It was here in Philadelphia that the Declaration Of Independence was signed. So it was. It was in New York where Washington took the oath of office. It was in New York where the government had its beginning. And as for Albany. Why Albany commands the commerce of the four corners of the earth. And there isn’t a plain bit of reason why the South should have it anyway. I declare Jefferson and Senator Monroe calling to see you. Show them in. And you’ll give them the capital of the United States without a struggle? General.