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somewhere to rent. Hey. This might be more like it. Yes. This is the one. You like it? Why can’t we move today? He said it takes a couple of days for credit checks. Then let’s go to a hotel. It’ll be fun. It’s expensive enough as it is. It’s two days and we don’t have to see them. I’ll stay with you, OK? Don’t tell them where we’re going. Don’t tell them anything. Promise. Promise! Promise. Why Games Why is it so last minute? OK, so isn’t there someone else that can do it? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, OK. I’ll see what I can do. Someone from the Michel Khoury Foundation. He’s in town, he wants to meet me about a donation. You said you would stay. He’s talking about £,, Kate. Do you have any idea how far that’ll go? Look, it’ll take two hours. Phone some movers, arrange them for tomorrow, OK? One letter of confirmation. Please don’t go. Nothing is going to happen. Justin Games Nothing. Go. Tomorrow, erm, :. Forty boxes. How much would that be? Erm Games Yeah, that’d be fine. Just, just remember when you get here, it’s the top buzzer. Yeah, all right. That’s fine. See you tomorrow. Thank you. OK. Bye. Did you try the Swiss office? Yeah. They’re trying to work out who it could have been. He didn’t leave a number? this! OK, I’m going home. Call me ifyou hear anything, OK? Sure. Come on. Come on, come on, come on. No! Oh, no! Kate Games She’s Games Where’s Billy? Did she give you Billy? No. What’s happened? Where’s Jon? He’s away on business. Where is he? What’s she done Games Justin, calm down. What’s she done with him? No! No, no! It’s OK Games He’s not there! He’s not there! He’s not here! He’s not here! No! Where is he? He’s not here! No! When does your plane leave? Oh, not till :. Jon says that you’re moving too. Yes. We couldn’t stay. Not after Games Sure. Jon left this morning. He’s in Frankfurt, already finding a place. I can’t find the cat. I mean, ifyou see it, put it in a home, would you? Yeah. I’ll let you get on. Goodbye. It’s much better this way. Hello, Peter. Take me tonight And make me part ofyou Part of the