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This has been bothering me since the morning. What is it? Oh my God Who put this here? I found this magical element Game Hidden in one of my clothes. I don’t know what it means but there is a picture of and me on it. I don’t know why someone did this but Game this fıgure looks like it is peeing. And this looks like a toilet. I don’t know if this is related to the toilet spell we saw before. I am really scared. That is why I will be using this secret camera. Yes. What’s going on there? Something’s happening. Games Hello Hidayet? Games Hello Faruk. Did you look at the pictures I sent you about ? I did and downloaded them onto my laptop. Games Did you figure them out? Games Open them now. Wait, I’m in the car and pulling over. I’m looking at one of the pictures now. This is the picture that sect uses. Go on. is a yearold code Faruk. Tell me. According to Christians, Jesus was killed on the cross Game but according to Islam he wasnt crucified. Yes, the Quran mentions it Jesus wasn’t crucifıed and killed. Continue. Now write on a piece of paper. On a paper Game Yes. Then write the Arabic version of those numbers underneath. Read it. Games Vivo. Games Vivo means I’m alive Faruk. In Latin. Just like it says in the Quran. sect members, who don’t believe that Jesus died orwas crucified Game have said. I’m reading it. The cursed spirit that cried of hell in front of the cross. You couldn’t put the spikes of hell on Jesus’ forehead. Evil nails couldn’t pierce his clean palms. I, your God, didn’t entrust his pure soul to your cursed souls. Jesus, my servant, is with me. Know and let it be known that Jesus is not dead, he lives. And Jesus said. Vivo. This group, who believed that Jesus was alive during that time Game turned the word vivo into a code and that’s how emerged. Back to yourthing. Jinns which were killed and buried by people Game let the others know they lived by using this code. Faruk. Sare. The female jinn.