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Super Fighters Time very lonely You know better than anyone what happens after drinking far not want know the details I do not want to know Do not tell not want to know We do not do Then I realized that we were just good friends I think there’s something there Oarilah, perhaps just a mouse I have to go to work Game Usted want to go? No Wait Mother said you could not go guard Come with your parent would be fun to come back later Bye hose Fill the bucket can not see? Dad has a gift for you see this I want to do this with the rest of the truck No need to clean he will dispose Clean another Whatever it is, wipe ‘re Doing What? Dad says clean descart Game No, it was still fine brush No, it’s disgusting I will not brush Trash C Game gela You kidding? It was disgusting We will not pull Wipe clean as the other no No Garbage Pickup Trash C Game gela You want to work in the kitchen, This Is The Working in the kitchen We do not throw anything I want Cooking, not clean! C Game gela garbage! No, Just A Truck Stupid! Why What eres tan cruel to me? Dad can not call your mother I have with it right, I’m sorry dad was cruel wrong Father ‘ll take some of the teams that wants Come with me one CALL do a Mother ? Okay vamonos You see THIS, Percy? This is a chef knife actual Ohef THIS Is Not A Toy, you know? Is so strong that it can enter the hospital if there is no care I’ll show you use this , Not Chef chef kitchen knife Property ASI That you are responsible for is still strong, clean does not kill envнale YOU DO THAT? Ya This is a good knife would be durable if you take care Do not remove unless Thanks You deserve it How can we put it in the truck? Martin said using the we could help her Hi, my Oarl This is my truck need help to move All A Martin says you can help Do not do it they will think steal that THESE Doing What here? I told you, I’ll go with you This food truck, you now And sous chef? Food Trucks do not need a sous chef? Well, You’re I appreciate Accept fear thanks Glad to see you Why do not while on the phone? LISTEN WHEN do vocals, I do feel