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I haven’t had steak tartare in a long time. Steak tartare Games ? Oh yes. Steak tartare. Oh, no. No sauce? But the sauce makes the dish. Oh well. Our guest doesn’t like the sauce. No, that’s Okay. Um, if you recommend it. I’ll try it. It’s a little salty. But that’s all part if its charm I must bid you goodnight. Louvick will show you to your room. Wow. What an intense dream. Great dress. Doesn’t a gentleman knock? If my father knew that I was here Games Games he would banish me from the castle. He wants you for himself. Hey. Not so fast. Bitch! Darling. Is that you? Its me. Charles. Charles? Yes. Charles. Your fiance. Fiance? Don’t turn it on. I don’t want you to see me like this. Oh, **** darling. It’s all a game. It’s a wax trick. It’s a game. It isn’t real. All just a sick stupid game. Yes! Game? I wish it were so. AAAAaaaH! Get it off! AaaaaaH! Thank You. Now listen to me, carefully. The Count is a vampire. They all are. You have to destroy them. No, it’s too late for that now. No. They’re real. They could only be killed by a crucifix, wood through the heart or decapitation. You’re crazy. So, my pretty. You came down for a little midnight snack? Don’t look at his eyes. I too feel pickish. First, the hors d’oeuvre. Now. Touch his head. Touch his head! Now find the cup. Look over there! Break the chair! You use the leg as a stake. Break it. BREAK IT! Going somewhere, my beauty? China? Tony? Sarah? Where are you guys? Marquis de Sade said that without fear and pain is like food without taste. We’ve been doing our homework. I’ve always wondered why someone would believe in something like that. Guilt. Society. Good and evil. I really don’t know. I’m gonna go look for the other two. Okay? Okay? Where the hell are they? Somewhere around? They’re not anywhere. I looked everywhere. I checked. I want out of here Sarah. I’m serious. Getting scared? Don’t worry. They’ve probably just gone home. What? Tony and China? Together? Oh. Jealousy wearing its ugly head. I’m not kidding. I want to get out of here now. Okay? I’ve hoped you have enjoyed your visit