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In arriving at a decision. That decision, gentlemen, is a very grave and serious matter. But I think we should have no difficulty in reaching an agreement. I am pleased to find you are willing to meet us in the matter. I’ve gone into the matter very seriously. And I’ve come to the conclusion. That there is only one possible location for the capital. That is? ─ Albany. Oh. I think I heard my father-in-law call. Albany? That old Dutch town? ─ Why Albany? Because it commands the commerce of the four corners of the earth. I’m afraid you don’t consider .. ─ I know. Much may be said in favor of New York and Philadelphia. You talk as if Albany, New York and Philadelphia were the only choices. You have a place in mind? Hasn’t the South as much claim as the North? ─ Certainly not, sir. The South could not possibly be considered. What’s your reason for the North except you’re a northerner yourself? Why .. gentlemen. All our country’s great and glorious traditions .. Cluster about the North. It was here in Philadelphia ..