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Do all monks carry weapons? Only the ones who have taken. Oath? It’s like a promise, son. Our country is at peace now… …thanks to men like Master Dao here. Our country is never at peace. When we do have peace, it’s never for long. History tells us this. Surely… …it’s a heavy burden for you. What happens if you don’t want to fight anymore? Thousands of brave men and women… If I decide to quit all of a sudden… …it would be disrespectful to their sacrifices. That makes sense. Once you have taken the oath, it’s for life. Will you teach me how to fight? Hung! Why don’t you ask Master Dao. It’s not up to me, really. But while I’m here… …and if your parents approve, I’ll teach you. Really? You promise? Let me help. It’s alright. She’s really strong. She can even lift me up. What a gentleman! It’s gotten very long. Don’t. I beg you… They’re innocent… …they don’t know anything. Is everything alright, wife? Nothing… …I’ll be right up. Once you take the oath it’s for life. Please give me time to say goodbye to them. How do I know you won’t run away again? They’re my family. You have till tomorrow night. Surely, it’s a heavy burden for you. Mom… Why am I not like the others? Don’t be afraid, son. No matter what happens… I will always be with you. A wooden bridge, rickety, precarious… Precarious bamboo bridge… Difficult to cross… Take mommy’s hand, and we will cross together. You go to your school. You go to your school. And I go to my school of life. Darling! What’s on your mind? Let me… …lighten that load for you. Huy, darling! This is how you treat me? Darling… I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! Huy, darling! Step aside, watch me kill him! C’mon, fight me! Stop it! He’s my client! You can sleep with anyone but him. Understand? For God’s sake, he’s a paying customer. I gotta eat. Oh, c’mon! Now, now, now darling I’m so sorry. It’s okay. It’s okay. You are so sensitive. Since we were children, you’re always crying. Just talk to me first before you get all teary. Shush now! What are you laughing at?