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We’ll counter violence with violence.’ “The speaker went on to say that the only fair verdict is the whip, “to be used on those workers guilty ofsabotage.” Grandfather, what are scabs? Uh, scabs are lousy bastards who work when other men are on strike. Why don’t they want to strike, too? Because they’re ignorant. They’re even more ignorant than we are. Listen, listen. Hear the music. Of course. Good day, padre. Hey, look over there. Look at Signor Giovanni trotting up and down. Oh, there’s Passetti. He has to work sitting down. And over there, that’s Carbonini. He’s the lawyer. And the girl with the long braids, that’s his daughter. Are they all scabs? No, no. Landowners. How funny they look Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding game Olmo. Olmo, come here. Can this be what they call socialism? All the rich out there sweating and the poorfolks lying under a tree, flat on our backs? lt’s too good to last. You’re a lucky boy, you are, Olmo. Why? Why? lt took me years to see a landlord working. That’s right. You finish setting the traps. Hey, Olmo. Fetch some leaves. Make a little breeze. l always loved the wind. l would like to learn how to make a trap like that. Shh. Grandfather’s dozing. Olmo, does your grandfather always go to sleep with his eyes open? He could do anything. He once even saw Garibaldi. Better look out. lf they see us together, you’re going to get it. No. Anyway, everyone knows l’m a socialist, too, now. Hey, come here. l’ll show you something. lt’s like yours now. How’d you do it? Easy. l yanked it back. You big liar. You went like this game Look, l’ll teach you something. l know. l know how you do it. l’m a socialist with holes in the pocket, too. Hey, Fasuline, what’s that cloud of dust want from us? You dumbbell, that’s no cloud. They’re kids that come from the farm. What did they come for? They came to Genoa, same as we did. Oh, for the onion season. No, ignoramus. They were invited by the backwaters in Genoa, because after three months of striking, there’s nothing left to eat. And so the Workers’