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me busy You should visit more often we can go for coffee Susanna Ken’s here He’s so sweet, he picks you up each week Of course, we visit his parents afterwards Please take care of my coworker, Michelle Sure Give her a tour of our church I’m off now See you Bye Hi Michelle, I’m Yee You’re Susanna’s coworker? No Radio ex-coworker I work at COF now COF? Pastor Tol is the CEO! Do you know him? I’m just an employee Pastor Tol! What is it, Yee? I want to introduce a new friend, Michelle Welcome You two carry on, I’ll get the form Okay Thanks for the apple We’ve Radio met before but I’m not sure where No, that’s not what I was suggesting No Welcome to our church But I must go, until next time? Pastor! I’m sorry Radio I didn’t know Thank you Thank you Radio Bye Bye Where’s Pastor Tol? He left Thank you ls everything here? Yes, it is But it’s not my decision It’s the job of HR department, so it’s out of my control Anyway I should be going I hope to see you soon in the UK Sure, it could never be a problem The project will carry on nonetheless Talk to you soon Goodbye Bye Macro Sam, please hold Jonathan, I’ll give you a recap later Okay, let’s go $? What’s the situation? Sam He talked about his big plans for the drug Radio recycling project again Here we go again Just be careful Marco, Patrick will join the WHO Executive Committee Apart from you they’re considering candidates from the US and Thailand But you’re the frontrunner The board is quite keen on your drug recycling project The Thai candidate is Mr. Penchom If he’s elected, resources will be diverted to South Asia American policies are too conservative You must win The next few weeks are crucial Show them how capable you are, get more international exposure Understood, I’ll update you Always think a step ahead! No one saw Ban Ki-moon coming before Annan retired We Hongkongers must stick together Marco, you never know! Bye Bye I’m sorry to rush you But next week Radio Can our colleague please wait outside? Go She’s new I saw her at my church on Sunday You know the