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You’re nothing but a big sissy. Alfredo, Regina, come to dinner. Acard came from my brother, the Parisian. “Here, in the ville lumiere, l’m thinking ofyou all with affection. “Best regards as ever, Ottavio.” Alfredo! Affection and best regards. He hasn’t written in over a year. He doesn’t feel at home here and never has, you know that. He has nothing but contempt for us. What are you saying? What contempt? You’re always exaggerating. Ah, your brother Ottavio, he knows how to live. Paris, Maxim’s, champagne, gigolos. We sacrifice, while he devours money. His allowance is a good meal. Got here first. Why do we have to keep calling you? Regina! l’ll serve. The frogs lookjuicy. Mmm-hmm. Really plump. Alfredo. No, no frogs. Oh, come on, don’t be a baby. Ugh! They’re really disgusting. Awful. Where are your manners, Alfredo? Wait till you get in the army. You’ll wish you had something as fresh and delicious as that. Bull. Oh, my brother? Was that my brother who spoke? Regina. Thank you. Who are those two? You ask me the same thing every evening. lt’s my sister and her little girl, Regina. Oh. Alfredito, my dinner. Go, and come right back. Gets worse every day. How much longer can he last? Oh, patience, patience. He’s eight years younger than me, my brother, and you would have him dead already. Can you imagine Ottavio, with the excuse that he’s the oldest, coming here to act as lord and master ofthe place? He was born with the grace of true nobility. Well, it is the same with me. l was certainly not born a nun. l’m going to be a nun, too, when l grow up. Oh! Oh! Ah! Want a shot? Oh, yes. Hug the stock. Right elbow out. Mmm-hmm. Keep both eyes open. You see that family of vultures? Yes. The old black one with the beady eyes, hmm? Yes. That’s your target. Bang. Bang. You got her. You got her! lmagine the shock. My husband goes bankrupt and runs offto South America, leaving his wife and little daughter penniless. lf it hadn’t been for all of you game Don’t, Amelia. Won’t l ever see my father again? He’s your new father, now.