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Impossible, Mr Hamilton. Three days? ─ No. This must be decided now. We’ve pledged our word to the Southern States. You’ve pledged your word? I was not aware of that. In that case, gentlemen. I shall feel compelled .. to agree. ─ Good. Shall we put it in writing? ─ No. Our oral pledge is sufficient. Your word is your bond. In fact gentlemen, I would rather take your word .. Than the bond of almost any State in the Union. Good day, Mr Hamilton. ─ Good day, Mr Jefferson. Senator. Alexander .. aren’t you a wizard! No, General .. but I’m learning to be a politician. Keep quiet there, will you. I’m selling state securities for the price of the printing. Sit down. How can you be selling when there are no buyers? Ah .. you don’t know the value of them. Don’t any of you gentlemen want to make some easy money? Here is a $ state security going to the highest bidder. What State? ─ South Carolina. I’m selling, I’m selling, I’m selling. Where did you get all this paper, Reynolds? Well, if ain’t Senator .. ─ Shut your mouth.