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the randy old goat! But you did cheat, right? Not necessary. The old gal hasn’t got a clue how to play poker. What are you two doing here? We’re making Martin’s wedding movie. We thought you might say a few nice words. Nice words are for funerals. Or for the whorehouse, if the price is right. We’re doing this for Martin. Your grandson, who loves you. He loves me? If he loved me, he wouldn’t let me rot here. It’s true, isn’t it? It was a dumb idea, Adam. Let’s go No, wait. We’d like to make a deal with you, Friedhelm. A deal? Well, I never! A deal My oh my! Is that disinfectant or is someone wearing ‘? This is Eileen, Isa and Kathrin. They’re all trained nurses. I’ll bet they are! They’re the hottest act around. Their shows are legendary. But first A few nice words for the happy couple. You’ve got to hand it to the motherer. He knows how to strike a deal. Visiting hours are over. You can look, but don’t touch. What a brilliant idea. I’d love to be him now. Would be great for the film. You might have the best ideas,